Designer Dog Breeds in Atlanta

When Atlanta residents are searching for a truly special addition to their household, they contact Northern Unique Kennels LLC.

We are an established, compassionate team of dog breeders. Our ultimate purpose and passion are finding the perfect forever home for each of our beautiful canine companions.

We specialize in the Pomsky breed, which is the adorable crossbreed between a Husky and a Pomeranian. The Pomsky is known for its energy, curiosity, and intelligence. They love children and other dogs, making them the ideal addition to your family.

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A Leader Among Designer Dog Sales Facilities

For over five years, Northern Unique Kennels LLC has facilitated the puppy and dog sales in the Atlanta area. We are committed to helping individuals find the perfect dog for their personality and needs.

Choosing a dog is no easy undertaking. You need to be certain of the breeding history, health, and temperament of your dog. Particularly in the case of designer dogs, you deserve to have the full story of your beloved new pet. Fortunately, our documentation process leaves no detail overlooked.

Our beautiful facility offers dogs a safe and fun environment where they can interact and play. Each of our wonderful dogs gets plenty of sunshine and outdoor playtime and is fed a diet of the highest quality food.

Visitors are always welcome to our welcoming facility. Come visit us today!

Healthy and Loving Designer Dogs for You and Your Family

Northern Unique Kennels LLC’s dogs have all their medical needs seen to. They receive deworming, vaccinations, and veterinary check-ups to ensure they are in the greatest state of health. We know the personalities of each of our dogs, and we proudly match our clients to the puppy most compatible to them.

Our process is highly detailed, ensuring that each home is suitable for our puppies. We never go forward with dog sales until we’re certain it’s a good match.

When you’re thinking about purchasing a healthy, beautiful puppy to enjoy friendship for years to come, contact Northern Unique Kennels LLC!

Consider Adding an Adorable Pomsky Puppy to Your Family

Pomsky puppies are our specialty at Northern Unique Kennels LLC. These beautiful designer dogs are mixtures of Huskies and Pomeranians. They are known for their great reserves of energy, quick intelligence, and lively curiosity.

The Pomsky is a good-natured breed with a playful temperament. They get along exceptionally well with children and other dogs.

Considered a small to medium-sized dog, the Pomsky can grow to a weight of 15 to 25 pounds.

Colors include white, black, gray, and occasionally brown. They are the perfect addition to any family!

Adorable, Intelligent Puppies in a Fully-Equipped Facility

Northern Unique Kennels LLC is pleased to offer a beautiful facility where our dogs wait patiently for their forever homes. Our expertise among Pomsky breeds is unmatched, and each day we help our Atlanta clients make the ultimate addition to their family.

You’ll appreciate our meticulous process, ensuring that each client is matched with the perfect dog for their needs. We’ve developed a substantial reputation for our beautiful puppies, well-equipped facility, and great client relations.

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